Korean Dramas were my gateway into East Asian entertainment, the white rabbit that led me into what can still, sometimes, feel like a wonderland. Here are some of the Dramas which remind me why I’m still glad my friends infected me with their K Drama addiction

Yeah That’s How It Is
Fifty-four episodes of life. Watch it.

A political Drama that kept me gripped to the end, thanks largely to its Best In Class Bromance

Miss Korea
The first Drama I saw that systematically subverted K Drama tropes. as in the clip below. Superbly written and performed, and with a fantastic second pairing.


Coffee Prince
Still an iconic example of a Korean romcom that actually is both romantic and comic, with no need of all the  laugh generators K Dramas usually rely on, like terminal cancer or organ failure.

Fated To Love You
A remake I love of an original I hate, with a theme song I still don’t understand.


Queen In Hyun’s Man
Time travel and kisses, ties and kisses,  tiptoes and kisses. What’s not to love about this romantic classic?


I Need Romance 3
A cast that bonded and had real fun together. Lovely leads, a fun frenemies story, Namgoong Min being hateable as only he can, and a cute French ditty. Also, leopard skin!

Ms Temper and Nam Jung Gi
Lee Yo Won’s performance as Ok Da Jeong is superb, and the Drama never waters down her personality. A very rare Drama in which the female lead is THE lead, all the way. Till date the definitive portrayal I’ve seen of a fully rounded out alpha female character.

Another Parting
My favourite Korean actress with an actor I like in a web Drama built around a song by one of my favourite K Drama OST acts? Of course it was going to make this list!


Dr Champ
A very rewatchable Drama, thanks to the lovely Kim So Yeon displaying magical chemistry with Jeong Gyo Woon


My Little Baby
Uncomplicated and sweet, this Drama was my introduction to the VERY pretty and VERY funny Lee Soo Kyeong, who further cemented her place in my affections by really impressing in

Let’s Eat
A Korean Drama that dares to call out Korea for its heinous crimes against pizza? We. Have. A. Winner!

The Village: Achiara’s Secret
A well-constructed thriller with shades of Twin Peaks. 

City Hall
Featuring  one of the strongest, most independent female leads in any K Drama I’ve seen,  a political Drama with a love theme that remains one of my most played OST tracks.




I have a vanishingly low tolerance for violence, so am far, far too squeamish for the majority of Korean films. There are a few that I enjoyed though, and here my 3 three favourites:

Castaway On the Moon
Jeong Ryeo Won really wowed me in this touching romance. Not just one of my favourite Korean films, one of my favourite films, period.

Men’s Manual
Korean Dramas seem almost incapable of being pure comedies, but this film shows that Korean movies can be very funny. Oh Jeong Se and Lee Si Yeong shine in a film that forever “enhanced” Nessun Dorma for me


My Sassy Girl
Love it or hate it, this film really divides its viewers. I’m firmly in the “Love it” camp. Jeon Ji Hyeon’s best role so far, I believe.


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