Owl Be Back

A few days ago I was called close-minded, for having no interest at all in historical dramas. My initial reaction was to feel insulted and offended. It is, after all, hardly a designation many would treasure. The offence quickly morphed into amusement that something as trivial as a difference in entertainment tastes could be seen as evidence of close-mindedness.

It was also, as the saying goes, “funny ‘cos it’s true” – when it comes to the world of Asian dramas I am an extreme outlier more often than not. Period dramas bore me rigid, and with almost no exceptions, I am utterly uninterested in the aesthetic appeal of male actors. A podcast urging its listeners “not to be THAT noona” further drove home to me my position outside the mainstream of Asian entertainment consumers. Not simply because it is not biologically possible for me to be any sort of noona without major surgery, but also because the podcast was mostly about KPop, another field of entertainment which generally leaves me  underwhelmed.

I may not care about historical dramas at all, or about KPop very much (Mamamoo excepted), but it is always a joy to hear from those who do. Listening to people talk about the things that interest them enlightens and delights me. I have a physical intolerance to alcohol, but love listening to my sommelier best friend talk at length about the wines which are his world. I have a degenerative disability, but always really enjoy listening to a young friend talk about her work as a personal trainer and about her surfing. Reading tweets and blog posts from people waxing lyrical about the things which excite them and stir their passion always makes me smile. As I was composing this I thought of the group EXID, and especially Hani. I feel like I know something about her, and of their music, thanks to the devoted commitment of one of my Twitter followers. Her tireless efforts to share her fandom have made sure that whenever I think about EXID, I feel good (Sorry Emily!)

Thus, reflecting on the pleasure I get from reading and learning about other’s passions, I’ve decided that when it comes to the muddled, contradictory, senescent voices in my own head , I’m going to follow the old advice : “What say they? Let them say.” The adage “blog like no one is reading” is close to being the literal truth in my case. That not even spammers visit is actually liberating. As with my very lengthy tribute to a drama  (almost) no one watched, I will rave about what I want to rave about, and, on the rare occasions when I care enough to overcome my aversion to the effort needed, I will rant about what I want to rant about. I’ll indulge my obsession with multilingual wordplay, even when much of the (putative) audience won’t get it, as in the owl theme on this blog. Anyone who does read this can expect to find my support for a former ballerina to feature prominently and for South Asian (or more specifically, North Indian) films to once again be bloviation fodder. Noho ora mai rā.

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