Number 7: Day 17

Your Favourite Sidekick Character in a Drama

I stated in my introduction that I was doing this series to focus on the positive, so it’s ironic that I keep coming back to Dramas I didn’t like, The clear winner of this category is another example. Oh My Venus  had a couple of good points, including an almost unheard of maturity in its approach to the concept of people falling out of love and then in love with someone else. It happened, and when it did, it didn’t make them evil people – by  K Drama rules, that’s blasphemy! For me, though the Drama overall was Oh Meh, Venus,  Except when Henry was on screen, then it became  Oh Ma’am Venus

The Drama was my introduction to the sickeningly multi-talented, multi-lingual Henry Lau, one more Canadian tiresomely flaunting his all round awesomeness on the world stage. His impact on this Drama was such that I’ve breached one of my few cardinal rules about Drama watching.  I normally rant against the use of actors’ names to refer to the characters, but I neither know nor care what his character’s name was, he’s just Henry.Some people found his character’s sweet silliness too much, but for me, it was a treat. He was the perfect “sidekick” character. He had no dark back story, no crushing emotional or psychological baggage, he was just a genuinely sweet, fun kid, like a cute clown, one that didn’t give little kids nightmares.The other reason I’m sticking to using Mr Lau’s real name is because of the huge distance between him and his character. Fluently quadrilingual and musically talented in both performance and composition, Henry Lau is clearly the antithesis of his laid back, leisurely comic relief character. His performance is one more example of something I’ve been tweeting about a lot  – how hard good comedy is, and how under-rated, at least in K Dramas. To consistently come off as happy-go-lucky, sweet and smiling for the duration of a gruelling live shot K Drama strongly suggests that Mr Lau’s talents as an actor (in this genre at least) match his others. I hope to see him get many more chances to show off his skills. Until then, enjoy three minutes of Henry happiness!

Honourable Mention 


이시언 Lee Si Eon

In  Falling For Innocence, Lee Si Eon plays Oh Woo Shik, the loyal sidekick to Jeong Kyeong Ho’s chaebol-with-a-change-of-heart. Right from the start he never hesitated to offer his boss and friend forthright good advice, as in the screencap above. More than just a straight shooting confidant, though, like a true sidekick he provided moments of light relief to break the melo tone, as here

wooshik by inorogbarbatesc

And of course, he was part of one of the ultimate noona/dongsaeng, alpha female/beta male pairs. Jo Eun Ji’s performance as the wonderfully written Wendy was so good I struggle to remember her real name, and the STP that formed between her and Woo Shik was a big factor in his clinching the honourable mention award in this category. Enjoy the heartwarming start to their epic romance!

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