Drama Challenge Top 10

Last month, the estimable K-ent blogger Indigo launched a 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge She shared the challenge on Twitter, where she is Helena Aneleh and got a very good response. A lot of people have taken up her challenge, which I think is testimony to how thoughtful and well constructed the daily categories are. I also took up the challenge, the first time I’ve tried something like this. Thank you very kamsa, Helena!

Like many who participated, I simply posted each day’s answer on Twitter, with the full list graphic as above. As the end of the challenge draws near, I decided to celebrate some of my choices by giving them more than 140 characters.  I wanted to examine some of my choices in more depth, share clips and reactions, as well as publicizing some of them more effectively, and hopefully invite comments and feedback.

With just three days left in the challenge, I decided to pick my top  ten. The selection criterion was simple: No carping, no sniping. So even though there were several interesting and  thought-provoking “negative” questions, I’m going to challenge my cynical self by focusing only on the positive.

The ten I’ve chosen are going to be listed more or less in chronological order, starting tomorrow. Stay tuned!


2 Replies to “Drama Challenge Top 10”

  1. How interesting! I was naming my own likes and dislikes as I went through that list.

    I must get back to drama-watching soon. Once Masterchef Australia is over for this season, because that blocks up my otherwise drama-watching time.

  2. Haha, you called me "estimable K-ent blogger", which is too kind but thanks 😉 (Don't take that back when I start calling myself that and start talking in third person: "The estimable K-ent blogger Indigo thought this drama was a pile of poo, although it did have some exquisite shower scenes expressing deep and intricate symbolism.")

    Anyways, I'm glad you decided to talk about some of answers in depth, it'll be interesting to read what your reasoning was behind some of the choices. And thanks again for doing the challenge 🙂

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