Movie 48/50 The Eclipse of Taregna

The Eclipse of Taregna   Rakesh Chaudhary        fiftyfiftyme: Major

One of  the rules for the fiftyfiftyme challenge stated that if a book was over 500 pages, participants could count it as two. I did not avail myself of that option, even when reading a book nearly three times that long. When it came to films however, no stipulation about length was given, so this exquisite short definitely counts toward to my tally for the challenge. It is easily the shortest film I’ve watched this year, but is also one of my favourites

This was a moving tale about the dying of the light, but there was no rage in it. It was also a superbly constructed short story, with no bloat or unnecessary padding, but nothing missing from what was needed for its tale.  The film tells the story of an old man going blind from glaucoma who uses the happenstance of a total solar eclipse to reconnect with his grandson.  That is a plot summary, but it’s a tribute to the craftsmanship and skill of all involved that I found myself tearing up a little near the end of its twenty minute duration.

As a warm, heartfelt story in its own right, and as a great example of what makes a good short film,  The Eclipse of Taregna  is a must-see. Happily, it is very easy to do just that, as the filmmakers have generously put it online. Watch it!

The Eclipse of Taregna
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