Movie 42/50 L’art d’aimer

L’art d’aimer Emmanuel Mouret      fiftyfiftyme category: Other
I rented this one expecting a French romantic comedy that was a series of vignettes, in the Love Actually style. What I got was a self-consciously “arty” film that was more aimless than artless.

Several reviewers have talked about the film’s striving for a Woody Allen kind of cleverness. Since I can’t stand Allen’s films, and find them all to be pretentiously windy and self-important (with the exception of Midnight in Paris) I should have avoided this poor knock-off.

Allen is a bloviating bore whose films are nowhere near as clever as he thinks they are and demands his audiences think them to be, but he at least tends to get first-rate actors and crew, resulting in films that look good, and offer something besides his endless narcissistic neuroticism. This film manages to capture everything that I dislike about Allen’s films, without any of the ameliorating factors. I can’t think of any reason to recommend it.

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